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February 19 2016


How to delete photos after they sync

Fiona MacDonald writes with a quandary relating to getting rid of pictures she doesn’t want:

With photos taken on my iPad or iPhone, unless I delete them from the device immediately, am I unable to get rid of them on my iMac? Now, with a less than perfect Wi-Fi signal to my new Apple TV, these same photos are taking aeons trying to load onto the Apple TV device.

This almost certainly relates to My Photo Stream (as it’s called in iOS 9 and El Captain), which works with iCloud, but is distinct and separate from iCloud Photo Library’s syncing. The fact that two interrelated options exist that seem to provide the same function has confused more people than just Fiona.

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Press harder, play better: 10 great iPhone games with 3D Touch controls

Touch much? 3dtouch games lead

We all did plenty of peeking and popping and bringing our Live Photos to life when the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were first released, but there’s one thing we couldn’t do: Play a bunch of truly worthwhile, 3D Touch-enhanced games. They just weren’t there from the start, and every couple weeks we’d browse around, hoping for fun new reasons to press into the screen. 

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Woz: Don’t trust the government with your privacy
Apple Watch helps smartwatches overtake Swiss watch shipments
Famed iPhone hacker explains why FBI’s backdoor request is such a bad idea
Online petitions universally support Apple encryption stance
Want people to read your emails? Keep ‘em short and not so sweet

February 18 2016


iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will sport the latest A9 and A9X chips

Bloomberg’s latest cover story is a profile of Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies, in charge of making the company’s processor chips. Even though the story mostly focuses on the (delayed) launch of the iPad Pro, MacRumors spotted some buried information about Apple’s forthcoming products.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the iPhone 5se will sport an A9 processor, and the iPad Air 3 will be equipped with the A9X chip. Currently, the A9 processor can be found in the iPhone 6s, while the A9X processor debuted with the iPad Pro. Bloomberg refers to the rumored iPad Air 3 as an “updated iPad” and to the iPhone 5se as a “smaller-screen iPhone.”

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Kick or Die makes kung-fu fighting look easy [Review]

Android leads, Windows phones fade further in Gartner's smartphone sales report

Once predicted to challenge Apple in the smartphone market, Windows phones have sunk to barely 1 percent of the world's smartphones, according to new data released by Gartner. Meanwhile, Android's market share now tops 80 percent.

If you're a Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile owner, the news is grim: Microsoft and its partners sold 4.3 million phones worldwide during the fourth quarter, good for a 1.1 percent market share. That's less than half of what the platform sold a year ago, when Windows phones owned 2.8 percent share. Only BlackBerry, Tizen, and other has-been operating systems are lower; BlackBerry's share fell to 0.2 percent.

gartner smartphone sales q1 2016 Gartner

As it has for years, the smartphone market is dominated by Android phones, which collectively sold 325 million units during the fourth quarter, an 80.7 percent share of the market. Android's share increased just over four percentage points from a year ago, apparently stealing customers from Apple. The number of iOS phones dropped 2.7 percent to 71.5 million units during the fourth quarter, giving Apple a 15.9 percent share in the market. 

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Never miss your BFF’s precious Instagrams again

The Week in iPhone Cases: Seidio's LUMA case lights up when you receive notifications

...plus, Portenzo's new book-style wallet case, and more 00 intro

This week’s roundup of new iPhone cases features Seidio’s super cool LUMA, which flashes when you have an incoming notification. Plus, we’ve got standard shells, wallets, and more. Read on!

cb innovations cbinnovations hardcase iphone

Handcrafted from Italian leather, the cb Hardcase (iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus; $99) sports an elegant sterling silver button engraved with the company’s logo.

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Hot Band is a wacky watch strap that makes your analog timepiece smart

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch can do just about everything—push notifications from your phone to your wrist, send texts, and track your workouts—but they’re not as stylish as high-end analog timepieces. Tech companies like Withings have developed solutions that look like traditional watches and track your steps and your sleep, but now there’s another way to smarten up your watch: the Hot Band.

The Hot Band is a leather watch strap with a magnetic closure that can be affixed to most watches, even some smartwatches. You can easily connect it to standard analog watches with a spring bar pin, including those from brands like Fossil, and it also works with the Apple Watch. When you buy the band, it comes with one of two Bluetooth fob options: a smart version, which adds a notification screen on the underside of the watch where it isn’t visible, or an audio fob, which lets you make private phone calls.

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One way to keep iPhones secure: Let Apple look inside, not the FBI
6 must-have iPhone and iPad accessories for musicians
John McAfee offers to hack shooter’s iPhone for FBI

Apple releases an iOS update to fix iPhones that were bricked by 'Error 53'

Earlier this month, several iPhone users reported that their devices had been killed by a mysterious “Error 53.” Apple has now confirmed that Error 53 is actually a factory test for Touch ID on the Home button, and the company is issuing a fix for iPhones that were victims of the mysterious bug.

On Thursday, Apple released an updated version of iOS 9.2.1 to restore newer iPhones that were disabled by Error 53. This iOS update will also prevent future iPhones from experiencing Error 53 if they have their Home buttons repaired by a third-party repair shop. This update can only be installed by connecting the iPhone to iTunes on a Mac or PC, not over the air.

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Apple's new Trade Up With Installments plan makes it more affordable to upgrade your iPhone

Apple really, really wants you to stop using that old iPhone and to upgrade to a new one. On Thursday, the company announced the Trade Up With Installments plan, the third purchase plan customers can opt into when buying a new iPhone.

The Trade Up With Installments plan is targeted at users of the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus and is only available at the Apple Store. You can bring in your old iPhone and Apple will give you credit for the device, and then you can pay off the new unlocked iPhone in monthly installments.

How much will Apple give you for your old iPhone, and how much are the monthly fees? CNET has a helpful chart that lists the maximum trade-in values (the condition of the device influences the value) and your monthly payment, which varies depending on the iPhone you upgrade to. For example, if you trade in an iPhone 4 in excellent condition, you can get $100 credit in the trade-in, and if you want to upgrade to an 16GB iPhone 5s, the monthly fee is $14.58. If you pick a 128GB iPhone 6s Plus, the monthly fee is $35.37.

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This iPhone stand bends over backwards to please you

FCC vote could end the set-top box monopoly

The Federal Communications Commission has taken another step toward making the cable box obsolete, voting to approve a proposal that will open up pay-TV programming to more devices.

Under the FCC’s proposal, any device maker would be able to grab a TV signal coming over a cable and integrate it with their device’s own apps and interfaces. Apple, for instance, could design its own software and hardware for watching live TV and DVR content, and Google could do the same with its Android TV platform. The FCC wants to create an open standard that makes this possible in a secure way.

Still, the proposal is far from final. It now enters a comment period, allowing business and customers to respond in hopes that the FCC will make revisions. A final set of rules and vote is likely months away, The Verge reports.

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