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Apple Highlights World Cup Coverage Across a Variety of Apps and Services

Football fans know that the World Cup kicks off later this week, and ahead of that event Apple today shared a press release highlighting how it plans to cover the event using a host of its services and apps. World Cup support will include the following:

  • Siri knowledge of football-related queries is expanding to nine new countries: Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
  • The App Store's Today tab will see special stories over the next month related to the World Cup, featuring apps from football stars and more.
  • The TV app can be used to not only watch the games, but also track them easily from the Sports tab.
  • Apple News will feature special coverage to keep users up-to-date on the latest World Cup stories.
  • Each of the 32 nations represented in the World Cup will have its own special playlist in Apple Music, highlighting artists from each respective country.
  • Apple Podcasts and iBooks will each showcase a new 'The Beautiful Game' collection, with shows and books all about football.
  • Finally, Apple's video app Clips will get in on the action too, thanks to a recent update that added football-themed content.

While I'm not a football fan (unless we're talking American football), Apple's World Cup coverage is exciting to me simply because it shows the potential for future integrated efforts around topics I do care about.

As Apple moves deeper into focusing not just on tech, but on media as well, it will have an increasing number of opportunities to use its apps and services to supplement a user's experience of big events, such as other major sporting events, election seasons, and more. Applying the Apple ecosystem's unified media and editorial services to the area of pop culture may seem like a small move, but it could become a product differentiator that users grow to love.

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